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Tru Rock Revival online magazine was established in 2017 by Kreig Marks and Abbe Davis (lead singer/songwriter of hard rock band, Abbe Davis Band). Their goal was to shine the light on rock music thru interviews and the promotion of only rock bands. Today, Tru Rock Revival is noted as one of the top Rock 'n Roll online magazines internationally, with over 1.2 million readers each month. TRR has a presence in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, London, France, South America, Germany, and Australia. AC/DC, Nirvana, Peter Frampton, Phil Collins, Alter Bridge, Blacktop Mojo, and many more have personally reached out to Kreig and Abbe about how they truly enjoy reading the interviews, or hearing the
bands on the rise, or seeing TRR promote new original rock bands.

When Abbe and Kreig relocated to Asheville from South Florida in 2022, Kreig began to organize and promote a series of local festivals through Tru Rock, to feature only rock bands. Soon Kreig  recruited Graeme Adams, the lead vocalist of the Appalachian Renegades, as his partner on a rock 'n roll festival adventure.  Graeme brings several years of experience in the music industry as an artist, promoter, and community advocate.   

On October 21st, 2023, Day of Rock Festival 1 was held in Fletcher, NC, and was a great success.  Many hundreds showed up in support, and the word got out. Day of Rock is now organizing festivals in the year ahead due to a local  and national desire by venues, organizations, and musicians.

Having promoted bands internationally and in the US, Abbe Davis is very excited about Kreig and Graeme organizing the festivals,"I can't wait to help them promote local original bands. The one thing I wanted Kreig and Graeme to be sure to have was community and charity. Each event will feature a charitable organization, vendors, and of course, food  and drinks. We hope that many rock bands will submit their original sound for consideration. Long live rock music!"



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